Hojiblanca Gran Cru Olive Oil - Northern Hemisphere (Spain)

Hojiblanca Gran Cru Olive Oil - Northern Hemisphere (Spain)
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Hojiblanca Estapa Gran Cru

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Crush Date: Oct 2016
Country of Origin: Spain
Produced by: Oleosetepa 
Robust - Polyphenols: 650

This oil has a nice complex green harbaceous aroma. It is quite bitter and pungent which tickles
the throat with healthy polyphenols.  Dominated by many complex green flavours like
artichoke, grass, green tea, mint and nettle.

FFA: 0.12    Peroxide: 5.2   Oleic Acid: 76.4

Flavour Profile
Evaluated by Paul Vossen January 25, 2017

Complexity: 9.4; Balance: 8.7; Freshness: 10
Pungency: 6.9; Bitterness: 5.3; Fruit Intensity: 6

     Suggested Pairing
Goes well with our sweeter balsamic
Olive Oil Ice Cream, roasted root vegtables
Staff Notes
"Flavourful strong finish"


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