Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Early Crush Date: Oct 2019
Country of Origin: Turkey
Medium - Polyphenols: 384

The country of Turkey produces a lot of olive oil from many 
different varieties, and Ayvalik is the most widely grown.
This medium-mild oil is very well made from early harvested 
fruit. It has a nice floral and fresh herbaceous aroma. The balance
of mild bitterness, strong fruitiness, and sharp pungency is
just perfect. It also has a good mix of ripe and green fruity flavours.
The ripe flavours are both tropical and citrus. The green flavours
are herbs, grass, artichoke, green apple, mint, cinnamon, 
and black pepper.

FFA: 0.2            Peroxide: 2.6           Oleic Acid: 67

Flavour Profile
Evaluated by Paul Vossen  October 25, 2019
Complexity 10;  Balance: 10; Freshness: 10
Pungency: 6.3; Bitterness: 3.4; Fruit Intensity: 7
 Suggested Pairing
This EVOO will compliment any of our balsamics

Cooking; pickled turnips; flatbreads; tahini

Staff Notes
"excited to have our first EVOO from Turkey - very unique"


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Ayvalik Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Northern Hemisphere (Turkey)

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