• Hojiblanca Olive Oil - Southern Hemisphere (Chile) ***JUST ARRIVED***

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Crush Date: April 2018
Country of Origin: Chile
Mild/Medium - Polyphenols: 271

Wow, what a wonderful complex oil!
The aroma is ripe-tropical fruity and very floral.
The flavour is both ripe and green, but dominated by
deep-green herbal spiciness and flavours of mint,
cinnamon, and black pepper. The balance is perfect
with strong fruitiness, mild bitterness and robust pungency.

FFA: 0.16  Peroxide: 5.56  Oleic Acid: 77

Flavour Profile
Evaluated by Paul Vossen June 15, 2018
Complexity: 10; Balance: 10; Freshness: 10
Pungency: 7; Bitterness: 3; Fruit Intensity: 8
 Suggested Pairing
Compliments many of our white balsamics like Peach & Italian Lemon

Grilled vegetables; protein marinades; tomato sauce

Staff Notes
"very fresh and smooth"

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Hojiblanca Olive Oil - Southern Hemisphere (Chile) ***JUST ARRIVED***

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