• Leccino Olive Oil - Southern Hemisphere (Australia)

Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Limited Edition* Early Crush Date: May 2017
Country of Origin: Australia
Medium - Polyphenols: 356

This is a medium intensity, early harvest Leccino that has a typical
cinnamon-herbal flavour. The bitterness and pungency are moderate
and nicely balanced with the fruit intensity of the olive oil. It is quite complex
in having both green and ripe flavours of nutty, buttery, apple, floral,
fresh cut grass, mint and of course cinnamon.

FFA: .08             Peroxide: 4.5 

Flavour Profile
Evaluated by Paul Vossen July 18, 2017
Complexity 9;  Balance: 10; Freshness: 10
Pungency: 4.3; Bitterness: 3.2; Fruit Intensity: 7
 Suggested Pairing
Perfect with any of our balsamic vinegars

Use this in your favourite Pesto, Tapenade or for dipping

Staff Notes
"very clean and fresh"


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Leccino Olive Oil - Southern Hemisphere (Australia)

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