Not only does it taste delicious and go so well with Olive Oils for dipping, salads and marinades, Balsamic Vinegar has many health benefits. 

Folk healers used balsamic to cure body pain and as energizer. Balsamic vinegar contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which fight cell damage and boost our immune system. The antioxidant in balsamic have also the potential to protect against heart disease, cancer, and other inflammatory conditions.

A little about our Balsamic Vinegar

Working directly with a 7th generation family business with modern facilities in Modena and Piedmont. Traditional products with modern innovation creating high quality custom vinegars. Sommelier selected grape must and barrel aged wine vinegar. No modified starch, xanthan gum, artificial colour or preservatives added to the balsamic vinegar. 100% Made in Italy—Vegan—Gluten Free 

Dark (or Traditional) Balsamic

Traditional balsamic vinegar is made from the must of white grapes. The Italian D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) regulations for balsamic require Trebbiano or Lambrusco grapes, but some others are allowed in small quantities. The must is slowly cooked into a syrup, giving it its characteristic dark hue and caramelized flavor, then aged in a succession of barrels for at least 12 years, to develop flavour. 

White Balsamic

White balsamic vinegar is, in fact, balsamic vinegar. It is normally used in light-colored sauces, or other preparations, where the discoloration caused by regular balsamic vinegar is aesthetically displeasing, or a lighter balsamic flavour is desired. White balsamic tends to be less syrupy and sweet than regular balsamic vinegar, but retains many of the characteristic flavours of traditional balsamic. It is made from the same type of must, but white wine vinegar is added, and the mixture is cooked at a low temperature, or under pressure, to avoid caramelization. White balsamic vinegar is aged in uncharred casks, also to prevent discoloration, for 1-12 years

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