Estilo Affinato di Modena
Balsamic Condimento

Our newest balsamic has the highest density of any vinegar we offer.
Made from the highest quality Trebbiano grape must, this product is super
thick and complex, layering flavour throughout.
Boasting a 1.36 density and 5% acidity, the vinegar possesses a balance
of sweet and sour with perfect harmony and texture.
Noes of plum, honey and cherry make this exceptionally appealing and unique.
With no thickeners or additives, this product is meant to compete with 
"25-star" vinegar but at a new level of excellence.

Proudly made by the Aceto Varvello in Modena Italy.

Acidity: 5%    Calories per TBSP: 53    Sugar per TBSP: 10g

Suggested Pairing
Best to have this with one of our high Polyphenol EVOO's

Amazing on it's own with some fresh bread or mix with a strong EVOO for
a delicious salad dressing

Staff Notes
"wow"  "incredible"  "tastes like candy"

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Estilo Affinato di Modena Dark Balsamic

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