Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Early Crush Date: May 2021
Country of Origin: Chile
Mild/Medium - Polyphenols: 284

Wow, this is a fantastic Arbequina with many complex
(very ripe fruit and green fruit) flavours.
Everything is intense except the bitterness, which
is perfect for this variety. It also has characteristics
of ripe apple, tropical fruits, nuts, cooked butter and 
sweet caramel. It has a full, well-rounded feel
with a black pepper finish.

FFA: .010        Peroxide: 2.4          Oleic Acid: 69.4

Flavour Profile
Evaluated by Paul Vossen  August 12, 2021
Complexity 10;  Balance: 10; Freshness: 10
Pungency: 7; Bitterness: 2.5; Fruit Intensity: 9.5
 Suggested Pairing
Complements any of our Whites like Honey-ginger or
a soft dark balsamic like Red Apple

Salads; Pesto; Drizzle on hard cheese

Staff Notes
"very flavourful with a kick a bit of a kick at the end"


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Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild)- Southern Hemisphere (Chile) ***JUST ARRIVED***

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